Daily Balance

Use this form to receive a text alert about your balance .  Pick the time and day or days you want your daily balance text alert to arrive on your phone. Use the optional "Nickname” field to help you identify your account. (Limited to 4 characters, for example: 9876, CHK or SAV2.)  Use something to help you identify which account the alert is for especially if you are signing up for more than one account.

    Daily Balance Form

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    TERMS: I understand that one (1) text message will be sent for EACH account that I request a balance for each day and time selected. This can result in multiple text message alerts. I understand that cell phone carrier text message rates may apply and I will not hold MCB liable for any text message charges. I understand that when I travel outside of the United States, my carrier may assess additional text message charges, and I am responsible for these charges. I am responsible for notifying MCB of any changes to my cell phone carrier and/or cell phone number. I am responsible for notifying MCB if my cell phone is lost or stolen. I understand that the bank schedules its systems for routine maintenance and updates, and during these maintenance and update periods, text message alerts may be delayed. Under normal conditions, I understand that my text message alerts will arrive usually within 15 minutes of my selected schedule.

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