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MCB Remote Deposit Capture

Is going to the bank getting in the way of doing business? Are you losing valuable staff time sending them to the local branch?
Our Treasury Management department can help your business by setting up a check imaging scanner at your business. Once installed, our check scanner will image your checks and transmit them for deposit. No one has to leave the office to make a “run to the bank”.

What is Remote Deposit Capture?
Remote Deposit Capture is the service that allows a business to scan check deposits and transmit encrypted images to the bank for posting and clearing.
What are the requirements?
All your business needs is an internet-connected computer and a check scanner provided by MCB. Check images are transmitted over an encrypted connection to MCB who processes the checks like a normal deposit.
How does Remote Check Capture help my business?

A fast & efficient deposit transaction delivery system
Remote Deposit Capture allows businesses like yours to capture deposits inside your office, processing center, branch, etc., and can eliminate the need for the checks to be physically transported to the bank.

Later Cutoff Times
Electronic items can be deposited later than traditional branch deposit processing, so no one has to rush to the local branch before closing time. Scanned check images are accepted each day until 6 p.m. EST

Reduced Transportation Costs
At a minimum, businesses can save time and money by using a Remote Deposit Capture solution to eliminate the time and expense of transporting the checks to the bank.

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