Mountain Commerce Bank (MCB) announced today the appointment of Kevin W. Horne, EVP/Area President and Chief Credit Officer, to its Board of Directors.
Horne is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, the Southeastern School of Commercial Lending, and the Southeastern School of Advanced Commercial Lending.  He has completed all certified financial planner courses through East Tennessee State University. Horne brings over fourteen years experience in the financial industry to his new role on the Board.
Horne’s recent promotion to Chief Credit Officer and skill in the development of policy and credit review, and management are indication of his strong and consistent leadership.
“Kevin Horne is that rare executive, willing to unselfishly take on and successfully complete every task an organization requires.  We are pleased to have this opportunity to recognize Horne’s hard work and dedication.  He exemplifies the core values of Mountain Commerce Bank.” said Bill Edwards, President and CEO.