2015 Annual Report Released

Mountain Commerce Bancorp had another outstanding year in 2015. Many of the items we put into place during the year will significantly improve our ability to thrive in years to come. For example, during the year we:

  • Moved our headquarters into our new state-of-the-art, two-story financial center in the Bearden section of Knoxville to better reflect our strategic emphasis on this vibrant market.
  • Continued prudent balance sheet growth, while expanding operating earnings to an all-time high.
  • Enhanced the Mountain Commerce team and leveraged our investment in people.
  • Adhered to sound banking and management principles and upgraded our technological service offerings; and
  • Supported shareholder value by successfully executing our strategic plan and opportunistically repurchasing our stock.

For many reasons, 2015 was one of the most significant years in our company’s history. On pages 10-13 of the attached, downloadable annual report, I share a few of the details. 
In short, we are very excited about our prospects. Our 2016 is starting out much the way 2015 did: with great promise for a profitable and rewarding year. We are proud to be part of a community bank industry that is still as relevant today as it ever has been, and which is undergirded by personal relationships and local decision-making, both of which are critical differentiators for your bank.
Please stop by if you have not visited our new headquarters, and thank you for your continued support.

William E. Edwards III
President and Chief Executive Officer

Our 2015 Annual Report can be downloaded here.